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Underdog Devs Retreat

Learning Together and Recharging

This retreat is for the Underdog Devs community to have an opportunity to spend some time learning together in person and to recharge and re-energize. You will continue your self-directed study for the bulk of your day, but you'll have a chance to pair in person, help each other with challenges and questions, maybe give a short talk about something you learned recently or a new tool you picked up.

And you'll get a chance to recharge, rest, and recover. Teaching yourself software development is a huge challenge. Especially when piled on top of your normal obligations and responsibilities. Our hope is this retreat gives everyone a chance for some relaxation and self-care.

What Happens on Retreat?

The best way to understand what we are about at Focus Retreat Center, whether it's what you need, and what your daily experience here will be like is to check out these pages:

  1. Our Values
  2. The Retreat Recipe
  3. What to Expect



Focus Retreat Center is in Malone, NY and all the information you need to plan your trip is on our travel page.


This retreat is Completely Free to participants. Focus Retreat Center is waiving all charges for lodging, food, and staff as a donation to Underdog Devs. You will need to cover your travel expenses but that should be it.

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