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Recover from Burnout

Pete Lyons
November 11, 2022

There has been a series of large layoffs in tech recently: Meta, Twitter, Stripe, Lyft, Shopify, NetFlix, Snap, and many others. There are also larger trends and a confluence of challenging and stressful circumstances that have contributed to burnout and have also peaked in the past few years:

If you were laid off from your tech job, we're sorry you have to experience that and wish you the best in responding to that unexpected change. Job changes and feelings of burnout are circumstances we feel can often benefit from taking a retreat to process, heal, and re-energize. We think working on one's own creative work without external pressures and deadlines can be a cure for burnout. One of our driving motivators here is seeing creative people flourish and do their best work.

Coffee mug on a park bench with leafy trees in the background

Louie Bacaj expressed this in a tweet recently:

ThePrimeagen on Youtube posted this fantastic short video. The script is completely aligned with our values here at FRC.

We love to see this more reflective content on a youtube channel that's normally very technical stuff about vim and coding.

In the tweet below, Gergely Oroz links to companies that are hiring now.

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