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Kitchen 2.0

Christella Kay
June 26, 2023

Pete and I took a long road trip over the winter. We stayed with friends and family, or in short term rentals all over the country. It was great to take a step back from FRC and get some of that perspective that comes naturally with distance from a big project.

While we traveled I had the opportunity to visit several kitchens. I tried to be mindful when visiting a new kitchen, to ask myself questions and to observe how the flow of the kitchen happened (or didn’t happen). These kitchen’s varied greatly in their functions and aesthetic but each one of them taught me something about kitchen design.

When we got back to FRC in the spring, I found myself inspired to reset my workspace. I emptied everything out of my kitchen and then slowly put objects into place using the lessons I had learned on the road. The result is a much better work flow in the kitchen!

Tons of kitchen items set aside for the reset

Better flow makes work less stressful and reduces fatigue. It also makes cooking more fun!

Here is a short list of the changes that were made in v2.

Pan and lid storage

Pots hanging on our new pot rack with 3D printed hangers

Our floating kitchen island

Our island is on casters so it can "float" around the kitchen.

Vika cooking on the moveable island

Removal of the cupboard doors

Stella working on renewing the bottom cabinet shelving

Boxes instead of more traditional drawers