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InkTober Congratulations

Pete Lyons
October 31, 2022

Congratulations to all InkTober Artists

Today is the last day of the 2022 InkTober illustration challenge. We want to congratulate all the artists around the world who participated in the challenge. We hope you got an illustration done for each of the 31 daily prompts. But whether you completed the entire challenge or not, we hope you enjoyed the process, gained some new skills & confidence, and made some new friends both in person at FRC and online.

Thanks to InkTober and Jake Parker

We are so very grateful to have collaborated with Jake Parker and InkTober to create the first ever artists in nature retreat associated with the InkTober Challenge. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and we at FRC are so grateful to have been able to provide a fantastic retreat experience for our guests. We had folks from the Eastern US, the midwest, the rockies, the west coast, and Canada travel to work together on their art.

Highlights from InkTober at FRC

The vibe at FRC during our InkTober retreats was really fantastic. Everyone worked dilligently on their illustrations and fed off of each other's energy, creativity, and work ethic. I led some hikes but only after reassuring everyone that they'd be back in time to get the day's prompt done!

Reflections from our guests

"This has been a big deal for me, to actually do something for me, for my art and then besides meeting y'all to come away from this week with two art friends - I've never had art friends before." —George

"You've also just taught me so much in terms of not just art technique but almost like life in general." —Audrey

"I had this project in my head for years and I really am glad that I could implement it here even if it's not over. Even if it's not perfect...I'm not sad that it's over, I'm happy that it's happened." —Lucas

"I needed a rest or I needed something; I needed a reboot and I needed to meet people and I wanted to meet artists, especially people who like ink." —Chloe

"I've learned so much about color, about work, about paying attention and not giving up, about doing better, about how much more there is to know from the two of you. I get to keep that the rest of my life." —George

"It's been so amazing and I feel so happy because it's not just I got the goal done, but you were all supporting me. I've been doing InkTober since at least 2016 and I've never gotten 31 drawings done before." —Denise

"I learned a lot from everybody. A little thing here, a little thing there. I'll never forget any of you guys or any of this experience. It's so frickin' cool. My soul thanks you." —Mike S

"I just felt really at home and really welcomed and it was really cool." —Gina

"I have been starting InkTober for five years, but I stop after a week. This time I got through it - only here." —Hanna

"I am so grateful to have met each and every one of you. I'm so happy that I took that leap of faith." —Megan

Some Retreat Photo Highlights