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Tech Zines Retreat

What is it?

This is a retreat for authors working on zines, cartoons, infographics, videos, animations, and other creative documentation of technical subject matter. It's a week to gather in person, learn from each other, and let fun collaborations and cross-pollinations bloom.

Why should I participate?

It's going to be super fun! You'll get to work on your projects, collaborate with brilliant creative people working on similar projects, visit a lovely wilderness area, make new friends, and enjoy a restorative retreat.

Take on hard projects

Web comic by Julia Evans, @b0rk, used with permission.

What should I expect at Focus Retreat Center?

The best way to understand what we are about, whether it's what you need, and what your daily experience here will be like is to check out these pages:

  1. Our Values
  2. The Retreat Recipe
  3. What to Expect

What are the dates?

Saturday July 8, 2023 to Saturday July 15, 2023. This retreat is being planned in a phased approach.

How much does it cost?

This retreat is $898 which includes lodging in a private bedroom and all your meals, snacks, and coffee/tea for the week. If your employer will count the retreat as Professional Development and cover costs or count it as a work trip to save your PTO, that's great!

OK I'm interested. Now what?

Reserve your spot with a refundable $100 deposit using the button below. If we meet a quorum of reservations, this deposit will count toward your full ticket price. If we do not meet quorum, the retreat will not run and this deposit will be refunded to you.

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Questions? Need Help?

Email or call 518-310-8879 and we can help.