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Programming Retreat

This is an immersive project/learning retreat for software developers, game developers, creative coders, generative artists. You will spend your time on retreat working on a specific project or learning a particular subject. You will be surrounded by a community of supportive peers doing similar work.

Dates: August 1 to 21, 2022

The retreat will run for 3 weeks. Monday August 1 will be a travel/arrival day. Sunday August 21 will be departure and travel home.


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Retreat Hike

What is a self-directed programming retreat?

This retreat provides a substantial block of time to work on projects where you are fully in control of your own time. You choose what to work on or what to learn and how to go about it. There are deliberately no formal classes, curricula, teachers, or instruction.

Summer in the Adirondacks

Adirondack State Park is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States. It constitues 6 million acres of forest, rivers, lakes, mountains, and trails. Summertime here is glorious: warm enough to swim in the fresh water lakes but never uncomfortably hot. Most activities are either free or very low cost.


All meals are freshly prepared with in-season, locally-sourced ingredients by our in-house chef and Director of Operations Christella Kay. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks are provided. All meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price of your retreat. Alcohol is not included or provided but guests may purchase and consume alcoholic beverages in accordance with our retreat handbook guidelines.


Each guest will have a sit/stand adjustable desk and ergonomic office chair. Our facility has high-speed (940 Mbps) Internet and WiFi6 access points throughout the property as well as ethernet jacks and power outlets always nearby.

How to apply


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How much does it cost?

Retreats are priced with our discounted grand opening rate of $700 per week which includes lodging and all meals.

How do I get there?

See our travel page for details.

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